Thursday, July 27, 2017

my boring day

Mostly I wake up eat delicious food then, I bug my owners till they pet me or play with me. Except today was different today I woke up then, I got the same delicious food. Then my owners pet me and went in the big yard without me!!! But later they took me in my fenced yard and played with me. So I guess were even. Then when we went inside they fed me my favorite treats. "They are so delicious!" Anyway after that we went to sleep. One of my owners Summer got to sleep in Marissas room. But I couldn't because of the incident I had. But hopefully I will have an even funner adventure tomorrow.   ☺


  1. Oh yea... that incident! You might want to share with everyone that you ate a frisbee and it came back up!! BOL!!! Gracie

  2. Delicious meals and someone to play with make the day go by really fast, don't they Ellie?

  3. I think it is a good day if you don't have to make your own food and someone feeds you :)