Sunday, May 13, 2018

Another day Another nickel

Hey!Glad to see you. I have done something to day,you might not believe me but I ATE one of my owners ART PROJECTS!!! I got in trouble. The art project was a fish that had FROOT LOOPS on it. I have a weakness for food.
But my favorite foods are TACO'S AND SPAGHETTI!!!
Once my family was eating spaghetti and a noodle dropped from the table and I ate it luckily I didn't get in trouble,they just laughed. I also get desert especially on my birthday I usually get vanilla ice cream. But enough about food,I want to tell you how one of my owners which is the only boy in the  house built me a wooden bed. They put a nice warm,soft blanket over top of it. I sleep in it most of the time. But sometimes I cuddle up in bed. There was a terrible storm were I live. There was so much lightning and thunder. I was terrified but when the storm was over I realized everything was okay.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I'm back!

Hi its Ellie I have not been blogging but I've been very busy with all the holidays. I had a wonderful Christmas Santa brought me a squeaky toy and dog cookie treats flavored chocolate and vanilla. I LOVE playing in the snow and it's snowing right now. I got groomed not to long ago I don't personally like getting groomed but my owners make me. I really think that they should ask me first before they deiced what to do with me. ME! Anyway here is a picture of me when I was groomed...Love, Ellie

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Yesterday I went to a camp ground to play with my aunt gracie.It was a blast!
There's me and gracie.
We got fed food by Bobbi
a.k.a. my grammy.
We got to eat steak that was
Cooked by Gary.
It felt like a vacation for us.
We went for a long walk. We became best buddies. We stopped at a kids playground and my sisters went to play on it. I tried to run fast but my owners kept puling me back... i betcha they would have let me walk fast if Gracie wasn't such a slowpoke!! Oh well, i still love her.
 Marissa held on to my leash and i kept pulling her all over the place. Bobbi held Gracie's leash and Gracie was fine with going slow.

After we came back from the walk we were sooo tired that when we came home we fell asleep snoring. It was a great day!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

my boring day

Mostly I wake up eat delicious food then, I bug my owners till they pet me or play with me. Except today was different today I woke up then, I got the same delicious food. Then my owners pet me and went in the big yard without me!!! But later they took me in my fenced yard and played with me. So I guess were even. Then when we went inside they fed me my favorite treats. "They are so delicious!" Anyway after that we went to sleep. One of my owners Summer got to sleep in Marissas room. But I couldn't because of the incident I had. But hopefully I will have an even funner adventure tomorrow.   ☺

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My first blog!!!

Hey my name is Ellie, I'm a dog. I wish everybody was a dog.  Especially cats I mean some cats should exist so dogs can use them as chew toys. Anyway I have some cool owners but when they all come home I get really exited and tinkle. Then everyone yells "ELLIE!!". I used to sleep in Marissa's bed until I tinkled in her bed. She still loves me though. I used to have allergies but I got shots for it. After that I went to visit my aunt Gracie she has a blog just like me. She is also a dog like me thats why I look up to her. Although sometimes I think I annoy her. But I still love her even when she gets mad at me. I love everyone in my family not just her. Well, got to go playtime awaits. Hopefully your hear for my next story.

                                     A picture of me


My aunt Gracie